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DRESSCO Product Design / Branding

Dressco onionskin notebook

Dressco stationery

For Japan’s leading wholesale paper merchant, I proposed and implemented a strategic initiative to expand their business into the retail market by designing, manufacturing, and marketing products constructed from their paper. The product line, Dressco, includes notebooks, stationary sets, and bookmark-bands.

The designs are kept simple in order to emphasize the qualities of the paper. In addition to the designing the line, I specified and materials and paid detailed attention to the binding and manufacturing techniques. I also consulted in brand development.

The primary objective was to create a website emphasizing the tactile and emotional aspects of Dressco paper products in addition to informing consumers about new product and retail outlets. Information architecture, creative direction, visual design, and a majority of the photography were included in the scope of this project.

Since the initial launch in 2006, Dressco products have become available in over 50 retail outlets throughout Japan.

website: dressco.jp

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